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Welcome to Blog Apothecary, common sense YMYL SEO strategies.

SEO can be difficult and confusing on its own. Add in YMYL (Your Money Your Life) topics and the challenge increases. If you’re passionate about these topics and want share your knowledge, you’ll need intentional content and SEO strategies in order to reach your organic traffic goals.

Blog Apothecary is here to help you navigate the challenge with an approach based in common sense. So if you’re ready to get to work, let’s take this journey together!


Why an apothecary

Apothecary was historically the term used for a medical professional who formulated and dispensed medicine to physicians, surgeons, and patients. The apothecary also offered general medical advice and a range of other related services. Recipes for successful remedies came from a mix of ingredients identified using trial and error.

So while Blog Apothecary does not dispense medical solutions, it focuses on information and products related to improving your organic SEO traffic. Digging into Google search result concerns to identify underlying issues and highlight potential solutions is where I thrive.

My professional speciality in the ability to combine business context with technology and the user audience. And after almost two decades of working across multiple industries including financial services and life sciences, I want to bring my consulting skills to wellness and personal finance bloggers. Helping them reach their organic traffic goals is a passion of mine.

Why SEO for YMYL topics?

Focusing on unmet information needs is where I can contribute best. After spending more than 10 years building a global niche site related to my “day job” industry, I’m bringing those skills to YMYL SEO.

You have a passion for your YMYL topic such as wellness or personal finance. Depending on the blogging group you’re in the advice is usually to run away, or conflates a few ideas that don’t actually lead to results.

So I come at this from a completely different angle, one based in an abundance mindset. What happens if you look at this from a perspective of opportunity rather than scarcity?

Yes, you have to put in the work, and be intentional about your selection of the keywords you want to focus on. There are more than 6 billion searches every day on Google. And while there’s a ton of content published, not every search gives useful results. In those spaces is where you can build your own space.

Are you ready and excited to get to work?

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